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Monday, 1 October 2012

Installing Eclipse And Android SDK

For preparing your computer for android development you need the following software packages.
(1) Java development kit (jdk).
(2) Eclipse IDE
(3) Android Development tool (ADT) for Eclipse
(4) Android software Development Kit (SDK).

Install Java Development Kit:
First you have to download the java development kit. Select the correct version such as OS (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac) and type of OS (32 bit or 64 bit). Install the package. You can download the jdk from the following link.
                                                            Jdk download

Installing Eclipse IDE:
Eclipse is the recommended IDE for android development. Like jdk you can download it free from the eclipse official website. Select the appropriate version. I recommend Eclipse classic version. You can download Eclipse from the following link.
                                                         Eclipse download

After the successful download extract the files into any location. You get a folder named eclipse, open it and double click the icon named "eclipse". Now you get the eclipse IDE main window.
Installing ADT for Eclipse:
Now click the help tab and select "Install New Software" option.

Now go to android developer site and copy the URL for eclipse plugin. You can use the flowing link for getting the eclipse plugin.
                                                            Eclipse Plugin 
or You can copy it from here "". Paste this to the work with option and expand the Developer tools option and tick it.

Now press the next button and continue the installation according to the instructions from the installer window.
Installing Android SDK:
Now we are going to install the the android sdk. For that open the window tab in eclipse ide and choose the Android SDK Manager.

Install all the required packages form the Android SDK Manager window.

Creating the AVD:
Now its time for creating the AVD for testing your android projects. An AVD is nothing but a virtual android phone or tab environment for testing the android apps you created.
For creating an AVD select the window tab and choose the AVD Manager option in eclipse IDE.

Select the new button and you got a new window named Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD).
Provide any appropriate name for your AVD, choose the Target and specifie the SD card memory size and click the Create AVD button. Here i give the name as MyVirtualPhone, choose API level 8 and SD card size 1024 MiB.

Now start the AVD using the start and launch buttons and you will get the following AVD


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